In Exclusive Interview, First Lady Melania Trump Recounts First Time She Met Donald


How did you and Donald meet?

It was at fashion show, we meet. This man – tall, very nice suit, little heavy, and such…unusual hair, I remember thinking he had to have large amount money. He came over to me. And, I never forget first thing he said, so charming. He looked me up and down, nodded and then very loudly declared, ‘You are one hot piece-of-ass.’ (Giggles) I was immediately, how do you say, smitten?

You didn’t find that offensive?

He was not like press make him out to be. For one thing, he didn’t just walk up and grab my crotch. No, no, no. I want be very clear on this. We exchanged pleasantries for minute, he asked if I was wearing thong, and only then did he start giving me pelvic exam.

Wait, what?

I know many American women will think this was not right behavior. But, I was so homesick for Slovenia at that time and grabbing woman by pussy is standard part of courtship ritual in Balkans. I was just happy he not then yank me by hair and drag me into oxcart.

Ummm, wow. Ok. So, uh, let’s see here, what did you two discuss?

It was amazing. We talked for almost ten minutes that first night. 17 years later and it is still our longest conversation. He really opened up to me, told me very personal things. The size of his penis, his name for his penis, showed me couple pictures of it from his wallet. Plus, my English was not so good then, and the words he used were many of same ones I had been learning from The Sesame Street, so he was very easy for me to follow.

Sounds fascinating. Was it a one-sided talk?

No. Definitely not. He asked me all kinds of really thoughtful questions, too, mostly health-related. You know, like, if my breasts were real, or about my flexibility. Oh, and then he asked me to open mouth as wide as possible so he could check my gag reflex. He was just like doctor, so attentive, and it was refreshing because, as model, I was used to being treated like just another pretty face.

Phew. So…how did that first night end up?

I had to leave with other models for after-party, and Donald, errrr, Mr. President, he is just so passionate, so emotional, he got very angry. He grabbed me by arm, hard, looked me straight in the eyes and said, ‘Just where in hell do you think you’re going?!’


It was soooo sexy! If he was just some random investment banker, I would have called for security. But, this is billionaire, and most of them are short! (Laughs) So, anyway, he let go of my arm, told his date to get cab, we went out through the kitchen, climbed into the back of his limo, and what can I say? I’ve been there ever since.


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