Morgan Stanley Releases Details On New Adjective-Based Employee Ranking System


(NEW YORK)  Wall Street behemoth Morgan Stanley announced last week a shift from a decades-old rating system which graded employees from 1 to 5. Managers told staff that the company has overhauled how they will now be assessed by discarding the 1-5 method in favor of lists of up to five adjectives. Morgan’s leaders feel this system will give the ratings greater breadth and depth and today they issued a memo providing examples of descriptive words/phrases to correlate with the former numerical scale.

1 – Ruthless, Sadistic, Cunning, Narcissistic, Hot (women only)

2 – Tough, Ballsy, Creative, Loud, Awesome To Party With

3 – Steady, Level-Headed, Precise, Cautious, Able To Keep A Secret

4 – Introverted, Risk-Averse, Quiet, Shy, Gay (men only)

5 – Moral, Principled, Incorruptible, Whistle-Blowing, Mormon